Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Time To Play Catch Up!

Well, as you can tell, I'm not too great about this "blogging regularly" thing. I woke up and decided I was going to do it and, wouldn't you know it, Ryan followed me up stairs.. So I'm hoping he will be entertained while I type this.. 

He has his train station, flash cards about bugs, a bagel, and of course one of his new favorite airplanes! One hopes this would be enough to keep him occupied...  
Ok, when I last blogged we hadn't had our meeting with the school district about what Ryan was approved for. We have since had it and the meeting went well. The terms they used that traumatized me last time (when the they flat out said he probably has autism) changed to something a little more manageable. Of course by the time we met again, I was fine and had dealt with (as much as one can) with idea of having an autistic son. They have since started saying that Ryan simply displays autistic-like behaviors and he was approved for the 4 day a week state preschool for special needs. The kids in his class are all "mild to moderate" levels of "autistic like behaviors" with a main focus in a lack of social skills. They all have some sort of speech delay and there's only 11 kids in the class (Ryan being # 11). There's one full time teacher and two full time aids. They are all so young but really really nice. The teacher is great and has no problem figuring out what works for Ryan. 
He absolutely LOVES airplanes! 
Ryan is in his third week of school and he really enjoys it. It's from 11:45 to 2:45. He does pretty good for the  hours to fall right when he would be napping. Of course he's a mess when he comes home! It's cute seeing Ryan come home with crafts he's done. Of course his first day I was a mess. Crying and all... Ryan, surprisingly, didn't even look back. In fact he actually cries when we leave. He's getting better though at the whole crying bit. And in even bigger news, he actually peed in the potty at school yesterday!!! This is great news! He hasn't done it since but that's pretty good since he's only been there for less than 3 weeks! 
That's pretty much the latest about the whole school thing. I'm in a hurry to type now that both kids are up and want 100% of my attention! Sheesh! We're still meeting with the OT. The latest issue was Ryan was giving us a hard time during bed time. The OT is so smart. She always helps me see that the problems usually have simple solutions. All we did was turn the noise maker off and the problems subsided. Awesome! Our other current issue is Ryan is biting still... And when I say still it's pretty often he either bites or pokes or jabs or something mean. This is typical of sensory processing I'm assuming since every questionnaire I've filled out asked if it seems like "your child is a bully." I need to find a mini trampoline AND a hammock swing for cheap because he loves to bounce and he loves to swing. The OT suggested adding these to his daily routine to see if it helps keep the bullying at  bay. The cheapest trampoline I've found is $25 on the Walmart website. And I need to hang a simple hammock swing inside so I can swing Ryan... There's so much I want to get him on Amazon that's great for his therapy too! It's therapeutic for him to carry  heavy loads and they have these neat medicine balls that are all bumpy that come in different weights. Ryan loves to play with them at the OT's office. They look like this:

It's also good for him to walk through cloth tubes.. It's hard to explain... here's a picture:
I was thinking of making the tunnel thing. Shouldn't be too difficult... in thought! He also loved sliding a ramp on one of these roller boards (laying on his tummy of course). I'd have to construct or buy a ramp though lol... Or just launch him outside down a driveway.... (realllllll safe!). 
Currently my main objective is to get the hammock and the mini trampoline...  I think I will order them today. They're not expensive. Well that's all for now. I gotta get these kids ready for school.