Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tubs fun and more!

Ryan participates in a Tubs program. We meet with Melissa about every two weeks and Ryan, every time, gets a new fun filled tub. The program is totally free, its through the county I believe but its part of the Building a Generation program. Check out the pictures and see all the fun stuff this months tub had! This month also included a leapster laptop that Ryan loved! The purpose of the Tubs program is to give parents tools to help children learn and progress academically. It's been fun and I have no complaints. Melissa has worked hard to cater Ryan's learning needs. It has been fun.

On another note, the other pictures attached just highlight some of Ryan's funny moments. He loved his Bat Hat he made at school. We went to a farm on Oak Glen and he made friends with two cats and he tried to feed them apples he picked. And I had to include a couple funny faces he made while taking pictures of himself. He can offically navigate my phone and use the camera to entertain himself. He turns on the silly distortions and just cracks up. The silly pictures never get old!

Lastly, we hung out at my friend Kristi's house and we noticed that Ryan's outfit matched her completely coordinated decor. He passed out on the couch and he blended in like a doll because his shirt was red, white and black... So is her living/kitchen area. It was so funny!

Well that's all for now. I hope to post about more soon!

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