Sunday, April 12, 2015

Latest and Greatest

There isn't must to report on because services haven't really started yet. We did get the referral from kaiser for Ryan to attend the 8 week social skills class. Looking forward to that. It's supposed to start soon - but I haven't heard from anyone. I'll have to follow up with it. 

We are still in the assessment phase of ABA and we have our second appointment for that on Tuesday. I was supposed to record his tantrums (the trigger, duration, and how it ended) but I've sucked at doing that it filling out the questionnaire he have me. It always seems like chaos ensues when we are leaving, out somewhere or I'm nursing. Basically it always seems inconvenient to document his tantrums. I'll have to work on that today and tomorrow to compensate! Either way we are being told ABA won't start until June probably. 

We haven't heard from Easter Seals about occupational therapy or speech therapy but I'm assuming those won't start until June either. I'll need to follow up on these too. 

On another note, we went camping. We also went to Legoland for the first time. Here are some pictures from our trip. 

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