Monday, March 16, 2015

Autism clinic

Looking over some of Ryan's testing results and he was diagnosed as having delayed nonverbal cognitive skills, low adaptive skills and social skill deficits. We have to follow up with a cognitive evaluation with behavioral health. It was pretty eye opening getting the results back regarding the paperwork we filled up prior to the assessment - we scored him in the low range at the <1 percentile. That's bad - however the psychologist did note that this score appears rather inconsistent with his presentation in the assessment so I'm hoping I just was underestimating his abilities when I filled the packet out! On the upside she did note Ryan used complex speech and that he asked the examiner about her opinions and experiences. 

His speech evaluator said he has a moderate-severe expressive language delay. She notes his lisp in her evaluation.  Receptive language was within functional limits though. She notes that he didn't initiate conversation or social interaction yet responded adequately. 

He's medical history does include developmental speech and language disorder. During this last set of tests he's syntax construction (the arrangement of words and phrases to create well-formed sentences in a language) age equivalent is 3years 9 months... His auditory comprehension was 5 years 5 months...  He'll be seven this month... The evaluator  did note that he can improve with consistency from us regarding reinforcing intervention strategies. He will receive speech therapy at least once a week. He has receptive, expressive and articulation goals set. 

The occupational therapist indicated he still has sensory issues and is lacking in both fine and gross motor skills. He couldn't throw a ball over hand. The OT's evaluation was probably the least shocking because he was previously diagnosed with SPD. With the observation from the recent assessment they were able to justify therapy again and that's exciting news. Ryan progressed steadily with OT morevioisky so I'm assuming he will do the same this round. OT should be once a week. 

Ryan will also get ABA and we aren't too sure what that's like since he's never had it. He will be challenged but that will only help us and him have the tools to be in control if his reactions to transitions. 

Well, I guess that's all for now. I could write more but it's time to sleep. 

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