Monday, March 23, 2015

Horses and Trampolines

I should mention, only because this picture shows it so well, that Ryan lost his first tooth recently. At almost 7 years old he finally lost one. Of course daddy helped. He went old school too. Tied floss to the tooth and to the doorknob ... Slammed the door and tadaaa ... I couldn't watch and it was painful to even hear but Ryan was a champ and was fine once the tooth stopped bleeding. 

Yesterday was quite an adventure. We went to a horse show and the boys loved the horses. A friend of mine was in the show with her Clydesdales and we got rides on the "monster truck carriage." 

Tonight we went to the Inland Empire Autism Society's support group meeting tonight at a trampoline park. Boys had a blast and I learned some strategies about  how to introduce more foods into his diet! 

Lastly, made Ryan's ABA assessment appointment. Should be intersting. 

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